The Rock of Cashel, County Tipperary, Ireland & the nearby Hore Abbey

So when my boyfriend's mother told me she grew up at the foot of a castle in Ireland I wasn't quite sure what she meant. So I googled "rock of cashel" and yeah, okay. This thing was a legit castle and apparently one of the most visited sites in Ireland. So aside from being able to attend a family wedding in an amazingly beautiful countryside village I got to see the the Rock in person. Which was pretty cool. I love old architecture and things in ruin, so this was perfect for me.

After seeing the Rock in all of it's glory, we want to explore the nearby Hore Abbey. Family members disagreed as to where the term "hore" came from or what it actually translated into, but at least they were in agreement that it was not whore spelled with a W. Both places were fascinating but I think I I preferred the Hore Abbey because I was able to see and explore more of it.  The Rock was great but I left wondering what cool spaces and places I wasn't able to explore (like the tower and upper levels).

The rest of the gallery which has tons more photos of both The Rock of Cashel and the Hore Abbey is located on my places page which is linked below: