Catcake Goes to Easter Island

After spending a little over a week exploring Chile and Patagonia and glaciers, my dad and I flew more than 2,000 miles to Easter Island. Which is also called Isla de Pascua. Which is also called Rapa Nui. But in case you were wondering, yes that's the island that has all the weird heads/statues there. Those are called "moai" and there are about 900 of them. I'm not sure how many we saw, but we did see the majority of them!

These six moai are the closest to Hanga Roa, which is the main town on Easter Island.

The mythology and folklore surrounding the moai was fascinating along with the rest of the island. The fact that the nearest landmass is over 1,000 miles away and the nearest continent is Chile (2,000+ miles away) speaks volumes about the isolation of the island. If I had to say what part was my favorite, I'd have to saw the Moai Quarry... there are still statues half-buried in the side of the mountain from which every moai was created and transported.

These tiny specks of rock (Motu  Nui, Motu Iti, and Motu Kao Kao) don't count as landmasses but are just off the southern cape of Orongo on Easter Island.

Even though we were only visiting Easter Island for three days I still experienced so many things. Things I don't really feel this blog would do justice. So ask me in person the next time we bump into each other. The rest of my Easter Island/Rapa Nui/ Isla de Pascua gallery is located on my Events page which is linked below. As always, enjoy the photos and keep your eyes on the lookout for my next blog post, Dogs of Patagonia!

My dad and I in front of the 15 statues at Tongariki, the platform with the most standing moai in one place.