drDOCTOR and Poetry in Akron Charity Night

So a few weeks ago, my good friend Mila approached me about shooting for a charity event at Jilly's and I said "sure!" without even knowing quite what the night was going to entail. All I knew was that there would be poetry and a speciality cocktail dubbed "The Nasty Woman" which was enough to get me in the door.  The evening consisted of alternating readers from the literary magazine drDOCTOR and the local group Poetry in Akron.  I was floored by the talent of each and every poet/writer/creative human who shared their words with us.  Plus, that night $300+ was raised for Planned Parenthood and the ACLU!  Below are the links to their various accounts on social media (if available) for those who want to stay connected or just want to check them out.

Please enjoy the photos and check out the amazing artists involved!