Catcake Travels to Chile & Patagonia

So I finally took a trip that could possibly fall in the "trip of a lifetime" category.  My dad and I spent two weeks exploring and traveling through Chile and Southern Patagonia and then Easter Island.  We spent the majority of our time in Patagonia on a Chilean cruise ship named the Skorpios II.  The main event aboard Skorpios II was our eventual destination at the San Rafael Glacier located in a national park, which was spectacular to say the least.


The Skorpios II docked at its home port in Puerto Montt, Chile.

The San Rafael glacier (viewed from afar) is the tidewater glacier nearest the equator.

Aside from viewing the glacier, we were able to stop and walk around many seaside fishing villages along the way.  Each was as quaint as the next with interesting things to see and do. The rest of the photos from Chile/ Southern Patagonia can be viewed on my Events page, which is linked below. Be on the lookout for my next blog post, which will focus on the second half of my trip: Easter Island!

My dad and I standing near an "upside down" chunk of glacier.