PorchRokr 2017

So this past Saturday Highland Square hosted their annual music festival called PorchRokr. If you are unfamiliar with PorchRokr, it's exactly what it sounds like... rocking on porches (and other stages). This year the festival hosted about 100 bands throughout the neighborhood with the main stage located at Will Christy Park. Every hour there were multiple bands playing so I had to plan out my day in advance to catch the bands I wanted to see.  When all was said and done I was able to photograph six of the bands: Actual Form, Eskimo Sisters, Birthday Noose, John Patrick & the Outside Voices, Relaxer, and Time Cat. 


It was actually pretty tough to narrow it down to one shot of each band so if you want to see the rest plus lots of dogs spotted at PorchRokr as well as other festival shenanigans, check out the gallery on my Events page which is linked below!

The Rock of Cashel, County Tipperary, Ireland & the nearby Hore Abbey

So when my boyfriend's mother told me she grew up at the foot of a castle in Ireland I wasn't quite sure what she meant. So I googled "rock of cashel" and yeah, okay. This thing was a legit castle and apparently one of the most visited sites in Ireland. So aside from being able to attend a family wedding in an amazingly beautiful countryside village I got to see the the Rock in person. Which was pretty cool. I love old architecture and things in ruin, so this was perfect for me.

After seeing the Rock in all of it's glory, we want to explore the nearby Hore Abbey. Family members disagreed as to where the term "hore" came from or what it actually translated into, but at least they were in agreement that it was not whore spelled with a W. Both places were fascinating but I think I I preferred the Hore Abbey because I was able to see and explore more of it.  The Rock was great but I left wondering what cool spaces and places I wasn't able to explore (like the tower and upper levels).

The rest of the gallery which has tons more photos of both The Rock of Cashel and the Hore Abbey is located on my places page which is linked below:

The Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland and an Irish Wedding

In my last post, I talked about Iceland's natural beauty as well as the abounding graffiti in downtown Reykjavík. This post will feature the Cliffs of Moher on the western side of Ireland and a family wedding in the village of Ballymagarvey, which is about 45 minutes north of Dublin. Aside from the scenery in Iceland and at the Cliffs, the other thing that made this holiday one to remember was being able to meet my boyfriend's Irish family at a wedding. I'm not sure I've ever met a more fun group of people until now. And an Irish wedding is something to be experienced, although the weddings I shoot here in Ohio can be pretty awesome also!


Those are just a few of my favorites from the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare but the rest of the photos plus a few from The Burren (an Irish National Park) and a few from Dublin can be found on the Places page of my site, which is linked below!

And now for the main event; the Ryan wedding! The wedding was the whole reason we traveled to Iceland and Ireland and it did not disappoint. Laura and Olan were married in the village of Ballymagarvey which dates back to the 13th century. As you can imagine, that meant that the entire place had just such a charming and cosy and magical vibe going on... somewhere that looks out of a fairytale. Again, these are just a few favorites but you can find the rest of the gallery on my Weddings page which is linked below!

Be on the lookout for even more photos from Ireland, my next blog post will feature The Rock of Cashel and the nearby Horeabbey!

Reykjavík Graffiti and Other Icelandic Things

It's somehow been months since I've made a blog post (oops!) but this time I have a good excuse. I recently returned from spending two weeks in Iceland and Ireland and I have been sorting through the tons of photos I took during my travels. While my boyfriend and I were in Iceland, we stayed at a friend's house in Reykjavík and spent a decent amount of time downtown. One of the things we loved the most about the city was the graffiti and other street murals and artworks. Once I saw how every other block was home to spray paint of some sort, I made sure to capture my favorites.

Aside from admiring the graffiti, we traveled all along the southern coast of Iceland and were able to get a fair dose of Mother Nature. Despite it being an island, Iceland reminded me a bit of Jurassic Park in the fact that almost everywhere you looked, it was a vast expanse of untouched land or volcanos or ancient lava fields covered in moss. It felt strangely historic and the low-laying fog gave it this sense of being unaware what would happen next or where you were going.


The rest of my photos from Reykjavík and around Iceland can be found on the Places page along with some of my photos from Ireland-- that blog post is next and coming shortly!

Red Sun Rising at Cleveland House of Blues; March 29th 2017

Two months ago today I had my first "official" gig as a band photographer. I was able to shoot for Akron's own hometown boys in Red Sun Rising at the Cleveland House of Blues. Red Sun Rising isn't necessarily a band I have followed closely but my dear friend Ricky Miller who plays bass in the band was able to pull some strings and get me a press pass. Even though it wasn't the main stage at House of Blues, it was a pretty cool feeling to be behind the gates at the front of the stage and be allowed to snap away to my heart's content. The photos from that show are below; enjoy.

Chilean Annular Eclipse

So I've already posted all the photos from my trip to Chile and through southern Patagonia and then to Easter Island.  The main event on our cruise in Patagonia was an annular eclipse although due to a miscommunication we were unable to see it 100%. During an annular eclipse the moon moves completely in front of the sun, causing what is known as "a ring of fire" where a bright gold ring of the sun is shown behind the moon.

Photographing the sun and moon during the day and using a piece of welder's glass was definitely a first for me but hopefully I'll be able to improve for the next big event in the sky.


As always, stay tuned for my next blog post which will feature Akron's own Red Sun Rising at the House of Blues Cleveland and my first official gig as a working music photographer!
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Dogs of Patagonia

Well, this post is better late than never! Since I returned from my two week adventure to Chile, Southern Patagonia, and Easter Island I've been mumbling about putting together all the photos I took of dogs during my trip. Dogs of Patagonia was a fun title but I'll be honest and say there will be more than dogs in this post. Dogs, cats, chickens, peacocks... all sorts of animals I encountered along the way. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


As always, thanks for looking. Let me know which photo/dog/animal you liked the best in the comments! Stay tuned for my next blog post which will feature all of the photos from the annular eclipse I saw in Chile! (Which was pretty amazing to say the least!)

Catcake Goes to Easter Island

After spending a little over a week exploring Chile and Patagonia and glaciers, my dad and I flew more than 2,000 miles to Easter Island. Which is also called Isla de Pascua. Which is also called Rapa Nui. But in case you were wondering, yes that's the island that has all the weird heads/statues there. Those are called "moai" and there are about 900 of them. I'm not sure how many we saw, but we did see the majority of them!

These six moai are the closest to Hanga Roa, which is the main town on Easter Island.

The mythology and folklore surrounding the moai was fascinating along with the rest of the island. The fact that the nearest landmass is over 1,000 miles away and the nearest continent is Chile (2,000+ miles away) speaks volumes about the isolation of the island. If I had to say what part was my favorite, I'd have to saw the Moai Quarry... there are still statues half-buried in the side of the mountain from which every moai was created and transported.

These tiny specks of rock (Motu  Nui, Motu Iti, and Motu Kao Kao) don't count as landmasses but are just off the southern cape of Orongo on Easter Island.

Even though we were only visiting Easter Island for three days I still experienced so many things. Things I don't really feel this blog would do justice. So ask me in person the next time we bump into each other. The rest of my Easter Island/Rapa Nui/ Isla de Pascua gallery is located on my Events page which is linked below. As always, enjoy the photos and keep your eyes on the lookout for my next blog post, Dogs of Patagonia!

My dad and I in front of the 15 statues at Tongariki, the platform with the most standing moai in one place.

drDOCTOR and Poetry in Akron Charity Night

So a few weeks ago, my good friend Mila approached me about shooting for a charity event at Jilly's and I said "sure!" without even knowing quite what the night was going to entail. All I knew was that there would be poetry and a speciality cocktail dubbed "The Nasty Woman" which was enough to get me in the door.  The evening consisted of alternating readers from the literary magazine drDOCTOR and the local group Poetry in Akron.  I was floored by the talent of each and every poet/writer/creative human who shared their words with us.  Plus, that night $300+ was raised for Planned Parenthood and the ACLU!  Below are the links to their various accounts on social media (if available) for those who want to stay connected or just want to check them out.

Please enjoy the photos and check out the amazing artists involved!


Catcake Travels to Chile & Patagonia

So I finally took a trip that could possibly fall in the "trip of a lifetime" category.  My dad and I spent two weeks exploring and traveling through Chile and Southern Patagonia and then Easter Island.  We spent the majority of our time in Patagonia on a Chilean cruise ship named the Skorpios II.  The main event aboard Skorpios II was our eventual destination at the San Rafael Glacier located in a national park, which was spectacular to say the least.


The Skorpios II docked at its home port in Puerto Montt, Chile.

The San Rafael glacier (viewed from afar) is the tidewater glacier nearest the equator.

Aside from viewing the glacier, we were able to stop and walk around many seaside fishing villages along the way.  Each was as quaint as the next with interesting things to see and do. The rest of the photos from Chile/ Southern Patagonia can be viewed on my Events page, which is linked below. Be on the lookout for my next blog post, which will focus on the second half of my trip: Easter Island!

My dad and I standing near an "upside down" chunk of glacier.